Sreedevi drowns in bathtub The prosecutor will investigate Published on: 2/26/2018

Sreedevi drowns in bathtub The prosecutor will investigate

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Dubai: Actress Sreedevi has been accused of dying. The death certificate was issued by the Dubai Health Department. Sreedevi died on Saturday. The media reports in the Gulf reported that forensic report has found a blood vessel found in the body.

The prosecutor will investigate the death of Sridevi. The case was handed over to Dubai Police by the prosecutor. Now the prosecutor's permission is needed to get the body dead. In this case, the body can not be brought to Mumbai today.

Sridevi Certificate

The Death Certificate issued by the UAE's Ministry of Public Health has been described as "drowning death". Sreedevi fell into the bathtub and lost his balance in alcohol abuse. The body was sent for embalming, according to Gulf news agency ANI. Earlier reports that Sreedevi died due to heart attack.

From yesterday onwards, there was a debate over the death of Sreedevi. The first report was a natural death by a heart attack. The Indian consulate has also said that post-mortem will not be needed. According to the Consulate General of India, the PTI report is quoted as saying.

But the suspicion of raising the Inquest report later. Bur Dubai Police have registered a case and initiated an investigation. Sreedevi also checked the hotel in Dubai. The Death Certificate has been released.

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